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The School requests that all uniform is purchased from Stevensons of St Albans.

Tel 01727 853262

Email sales@stevensonsschoolwear.co.uk

  • School blazer: with loop for hanging on peg
  • School tie x 2
  • School shirts x 2 (long-sleeve); x 2 (short-sleeve): charcoal
  • Pullover x 2: Stevensons, grey with School trim
  • Long trousers: charcoal, Years 4 – 8 boys only
  • Short trousers: charcoal, Reception, Years 1, 2 & 3 all year and Years 4 & 5 for summer term
  • School socks x 3 pairs: Stevensons, short, grey and no trim for long trousers/long grey, with trim for wearing with shorts
  • School coat: Stevensons, black with loop for hanging on peg
  • Shoes: black leather, lace-up, or Velcro, for School use. (Not moccasin, suede or boot style, please.)

Games for boys in Years 4 & 5 are on Monday and Thursday afternoons; games for boys in Reception, Years 1 & 2 boys are on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons; games for boys in Years 3, 6, 7 & 8 are on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Games kit

For boys in Years 1 – 8, for football and rugby in the Michaelmas and Lent terms

  • Rugby shirt: Stevensons, School colours
  • Rugby shorts: Stevensons, black with School colours
  • Rugby socks: Stevensons, School colours
  • Tracksuit top and bottoms: Stevensons, School colours only
  • Football/rugby boots/shin pads: Michaelmas and Lent terms for boys in Years 3-8
  • Bootbag: waterproof for boys in Years 3-8
  • Gum shield: Lent term for contact rugby in Years 5 – 8: www.shockdoctor.com

For boys in Years 3 – 8 for cricket in the Trinity term

  • Cricket whites: white trousers, white socks and white cricket shirt

For boys in Reception and Years 1 – 8 indoor games throughout the year

  • Polo shirt: Stevensons, white with School crest
  • Games shorts: white
  • Gym socks: white
  • Trainers: white

Boys in Reception also need the Stevensons red tracksuit top and black bottoms.

For boys in Reception, Years 1 – 8 for swimming throughout the year

  • Swimming trunks: a plain dark colour, not shorts
  • Swimming goggles: named please

All items of clothing and equipment must be clearly labelled.

  • Shirts, t-shirts, jackets, blazers, sweatshirts, vests, jumpers etc should all be labelled behind the neck on the collar.
  • Trousers, shorts and tracksuits should all be labelled at the centre back of the waistband.
  • Socks: name tags should be folded in half and two ends should be sewn together onto the top of the ribbing of the sock, on the inside.
School bags

For classwork:

  • Every boy from Years 1 – 8 needs a rucksack (called a Westminster Choir rucksack on the Stevensons website).
  • Reception boys need a book folder (called a Westminster Choir bookbag on the Stevensons website).

For games:

  • Every boy in Reception, Years 1 & 2 needs a drawstring bag (called a Westminster Choir swimbag on the Stevensons website).
  • Boys in Years 3 to 8 need a rectangular bag (called a holdall on the Stevensons website).

Tel 01727 853262

Email sales@stevensonsschoolwear.co.uk

Second-hand uniform

Second-hand uniform sales take place once a term on the Ambrosden Avenue site, organised by the Parents’ Association. They are advertised in advance in the Head’s weekly e-newsletter. Parents may also contact Mrs Raykhan Laing direct.

Email raykhanlaing@gmail.com

Additional items for boarding choristers

Casual clothes

All boarders require two sets of casual clothes (clearly labelled) to wear for Sunday activities and for Wednesdays after games. These should be kept at School for the duration of the term:

  • Jeans: 1 pair
  • Casual trousers: 1 pair
  • Casual shorts: summer term, optional
  • T-shirts: x 2 plain cotton for casual wear. No football shirts please
  • Casual shirts or long-sleeved top x 2
  • Fleece
Toiletries, underwear and bed linen
  • Duvet covers and pillow cases: standard single fit, easy care, 2 sets, named
  • Dressing gown: towelling, looped for hanging on peg, and belt sewn on
  • Pyjamas: x 2 cotton knit for winter; x 2 cotton for summer (no Onesies)
  • Flip flops: for use in the shower
  • House slippers: traditional, navy blue
  • Towels: x 2, 125cm x 70cm, looped half way down long side for hanging on peg
  • Vests: x 2 white cotton, optional
  • Underpants: x 4 cotton (colours)
  • Washbag: clearly named, containing the following named items:
    1. Toothbrush, toothpaste
    2. Shower gel x1, shampoo x1
    3. Nail clippers
    4. Pocket combs x 4
    5. Hairbrush
    6. Roll on deodorant (Years 6-8)
  • Handkerchiefs: x 4 cotton, named for the vestry
  • Wash-in-net-laundry bag: named very clearly; large (17’’ x 24”) net bag: most resilient product available from matron for £6 (added to bill) or from washingnet.org.uk
School bags

There are three School bags that choristers need:

  • 1. The Westminster Choir bookbag for sheet music
  • 2. The Westminster Choir swimbag for swimming trunks
  • 3. The holdall for taking home books at the weekend

All available from Stevensons.

Tel 01727 853262

Email sales@stevensonsschoolwear.co.uk

Other items
  • Cuddly toy
  • Shoe shine: named, quick shine sponge
  • Spare name labels (stitch on, not iron-on)
  • Named overnight suitcase on wheels